A sound solution to international developments

Let us introduce you to… Cyprus!

Over the last few years the worldwide international business sector has experienced unprecedented changes, which have totally reshaped the landscape. There have been huge developments on many different fronts, from FATCA to CRS and from BEPS to “deoffshorisation” and to the substance-related amendments in the Parent-Subsidiary Directive plus the introduction of the fourth EU AML Directive with its requirement for registries of beneficial owners, to name but a few. Concepts such as substance, transparency and compliance are having a prominent role in the new era of international investments and business operations.

Cyprus has chosen not only to fully adjust but also to lead the way to the modern international business world. To do that it is taking advantage of the plethora of its existing advantages, such as the flexible legal and tax regimes, its competitive Corporation Tax rate, its geographical position, its top class citizenship and residency schemes and standard of living. On top of that it has recently introduced, some very important measures, which will help even further in achieving its goal, including a “non-dom” regime, exemptions from taxes and other duties for investing in real estate, a tax deductible charge on equity and many other.

In essence, Cyprus offers a plethora of reasons why foreign investors and businessmen should not only invest in the country or simply add it on the diagram of their international business structures, but also to relocate to the country and transfer their business activities there. By doing so, not only will they be in line with the new trend but they will also meet other important objectives, such as good returns on investments, ease and cost-efficiency in doing business and having the lifestyle of their choice.

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