Our Team

While this could be part of the following section we place such emphasis in our people and the value of team working in our firm that we believe it is too “big” as a factor to fit in to any other chapter of our corporate life.

In fact we all feel and act as members of the same team, where the words “employees” or “staff”, more appropriate to a contractual or enforcement relationship, have no place in Fiducenter.

We fully share the idea that a good company offers its people a career and not just a job. People today are using value judgments, not just arithmetic, as they make their career choice. The deciding factor for them is to be with a company they feel proud to be part of, a company that does good, not just a good company.

Since our inception, more than 30 years ago, we have set some principles with regards to our people, which we feel are appropriate and commensurate to the fact that the workforce is for a professional services firm its more important asset. These principles are summarised below:

  • Mutuality: we provide vigorous support to each other through coaching and knowledge sharing, in order to ensure not only the provision of quality service to our clients but also to achieve continuity and to develop our people and maximise their career progression and job satisfaction.
  • Diversity: we nurture an interesting and inclusive environment by treating each other as we would like to be treated ourselves. We believe that by treating all people with respect and valuing our differences, we can reach our fullest potential.
  • Inclusion: a workplace that rewards new ideas, welcomes individual differences and draws on the unique experiences and circumstances of employees makes us better at what we do, as individuals and as a company.
  • Equality: all members of our firm have an equal opportunity for career progression and once they join us what counts is not their academic and professional background anymore but their contribution and commitment to the firm and the sharing and promotion of its principles and values. Contributing to this is the frequent, impartial and personal performance appraisal system followed, which focuses on continuous development and life-long learning.
  • Continuous development: as professional service providers we must always keep up with the latest developments in the fields in which we are engaged. This is for many reasons, including only to keeping up with legal and regulatory requirements both at a corporate and personal level, to service our clients properly but also to offer to our members the opportunity to develop their skill base on a continuous basis and even to expand their knowledge and expertise in different fields.