The Group

Fiducenter is an independent provider of professional services, with more than 35 years of successful presence. We provide a comprehensive range of international business services, including professional consultation, advisory services on specific transactions, formation of investment funds, companies, trusts and other investment and business vehicles, bespoke services related to specific sectors and structures and much more.

Fiducenter is owner-managed, with all partners being active in the business, providing that extra touch required for establishing a personal approach in creating and maintaining relationships with clients, associates and also internally within the firm. Our strength lies in the complementarity of our accountants, tax advisors, legal experts, asset managers, corporate administrators and other contributors, who co-ordinate their efforts to provide our clients with the best advice and services for the fruitful accomplishment of their targets, whether these relate to the setting-up and running of an entity, restructuring of their operations, establishment of presence in a new country, legal, tax or other advice on a specific transaction, etc.

Having our head office in Luxembourg, which is an international financial centre with a great history of providing top class professional services under the strictest laws and regulations helps us to stay ahead of the competition in Cyprus, both in terms of quality standards of services but also regarding policies and procedures.

We are not supporters of rapid and uncontrolled expansion, consider the risks that this entails on the personal approach, the good quality standards and elsewhere. We prefer instead to grow together with our clients and to take one step at a time.

We regard compliance requirements as a positive aspect of financial transactions and as a useful and necessary tool in protecting the service providers and the community at large from those with illicit funds or aims. We are licensed and regulated for the provision of services where applicable and we fully comply with all ‘best practice’ guidance to ensure that our own and our clients’ reputation, as well as assets, are fully protected. Furthermore, we are actively involved in our industry, something which allows us both to contribute towards the development of the sector and professionals involved but also to exchange knowledge and expertise with peers.